Haven's Story

Susan and I have been best friends since 2006. We have enjoyed many great times together through these years. However, close friendships can't always have just the "good times and must be there during the bad times. When I heard the devastating news that (Connie Erickson), Susan's mom passed away in 2015, I knew instantly that I wanted to be there for Susan, during one of her most difficult times ever. I have been through the loss of both of my parents, and it's a very difficult time. I suggested we honor Connie with a "WALK WHERE YOU ARE" event in Louisville, Ky that November 2015. So, by channeling the grief towards a positive activity, I felt would only benefit everyone involved.  This was just the beginning of our fundraising together. Since this time, we have made it our MISSION to continue raising money together to hopefully one day hear the word, CURE!!!.

We have continued this journey together and have given hope to so many people going through this horrible disease and continued to keep Connie's legacy alive and Susan's grief at a minimum. I honestly can't tell you what joy this journey has been, especially doing it with my best friend!!! It's helping her and so many others. This has now become my "passion" and "purpose" TO FIND A CURE!!!!!

Haven Fletcher



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