Kyle's Prayer (shipping included)

Kyle's Prayer (shipping included)
Kyle's Prayer (shipping included)Kyle's Prayer (shipping included)
Kyle's Prayer (shipping included)
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This artwork reads:

I will arise and shine for my light has come, the glory of the Lord is upon me.

"I pray that I may feel protected and safe, not only when I am in the harbor but that I may have protection & safety even in the midst of the storms of life. I pray that the forces of evil in my life will flee before God's presence and that with God I will win the real victory over myself. I pray that I may first admit my needs & that God will meet those needs in the way that is best for me.  I pray that God may supply me with strength & show me the direction in which he wants me to grow and that these things may come naturally from my cooperation with him.  Lastly, I pray that I may let God run my life & I will never again make a mess of my life by trying to run it myself. Amen"

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